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Lavagna and its surroundings

Excursions to Portofino, Cinque Terre, Genoa Aquarium …

The Real Park Hotel offers it’s guests the possibility to enjoy a pleasant holiday full of enjoyment and fun with every day different from the other.
There are many possibilites for excursions towards magical and romantic places like Portofino’s Regional Parks and the Cinque Terre.


Panorama Lavagna By vengomatto from Italia (Panoramica Chiavari

Lavagna: the sea, the beach, the village

Lavagna is set along the shoreline with beautiful beaches that have often been awarded the Blue Flag, and has a mediaeval town centre with colourful narrow streets and lofty mansions. You will discover many hidden treasures of art: mainly sculptures but also paintings by famous artists of the Genoese School.

Boat trips

Gita con tipico gozzo ligure

Excursions in a Tipical Ligurian Sailboat

The hotel offers you the possibility to pass an unforgettable day, in the company of just a few special friends. You will be able to admire our wonderful coastline in the tipical ligurian sailboatstretch of sea that goes from Portofino to San Fruttuoso, on a half day excursion from Lavagna; or from Lavagna to the Cinque Terre leaving in the morning and returning in the late afternoon. The sailing vessel is the motor equipped yacht "Feal", a tipical 17m Ligurian wooden twin-masted vessel built by the Multedo Shipyard of Santa Margherita Ligure.

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre

A wonderful land between sea and sky

The Cinque Terre, breathtaking scenery between sky and sea, five fine old villages overlooking the sea, surrounded by terraces built thousands of years ago on which one of the most famous Ligurian wines is grown; beautiful paths where you will respire all the perfumes of the Mediterranean maquis, paths that were once only used for work but that are now visited every year by thousands of people. These are the "Cinque Terre", declared by UNESCO a patrimony of mankind, and now forming the new National Park to ensure the best possible valorisation of a Territory rich in geological, historical and naturalistic, traditional and cultural features.

Genoa Aquarium

Acquario di Genova

The discovery of a mysterious world

An ultra modern building located in the heart of the historic port of Genoa houses the largest aquarium in Europe with over 50 large tanks home to dolphins, sharks, seals, penguins and also stafish and needle fish. Each tank in Genoa aquarium reproduces a particular marine environment. Visit an immense and misterious living universe put on show to the public by the aquarium of genoa.

The Regional Park of Portofino

Parco Regionale di Portofino

Sea and nature

A 3.5 Km long headland overlooking the Ligurian sea, therefore creating the basis for unbelievable vegetation contrasts. More than 1000 different species of plants are growing in this area. The Marine Reserve was recently formed to protect the sea bottom below the headland; the Abbeys of San Fruttuoso e San Nicolò di Capodimonte, and the surroundings framing it to the North up to Chiavari make this Park every year an attraction for thousands of nature-loving visitors and scuba-divers, who may admire all the aspects of this marvellous naturalistic laboratory.

The Regional Park of Antola

Parco Regionale dell'Antola -

The discovery of an ancient farming tradition

Located in the Genoese Hinterland, this Park is wrongfully considered of minor importance, because it has a great rural tradition and beautiful florescences. Excursions to the Antola mountain will give you at the same time a feeling of beauty, serenity but also of nostalgia. As a matter of fact, many villages in the Park have been completely abandoned as a result of the "economic boom". In some of these villages things have been left as they were 50 years ago. It is a territory all to discover where you may easily meet deers and does in addition to the florescences. From the peak of the Antola, you may admire unforgettable panoramas of the whole Alpine Arc.

The Regional Park of Aveto

Parco Regionale dell’Aveto -

Hikes with sea view

This imposing Park of the Apennines, where you can go hiking, while remaining in view of the sea, is almost unknown despite its enormous environmental value: not to mention The Integral Oriented Reserve of Agoraie and Maggetto including 16 small lakes of glacial origin, its numerous alpine endemisms, some of which are being considered as real glacial relicts, as for instance some insectivorous plants. As everywhere else in the Apennines, Wolves have come back in this Park and you may trail their spoors with the aid of an expert guide. This park has a firm rural rooting with the splendid Borzone Abbey built in the VIII Century A.D., with its outstanding geological ophiolites, its ancient glacial cirques, its old mines in Val Graveglia bordering the Park but not less important.


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